A whole lot of time is spent on achieving the perfect coffee brew and that’s perfectly understandable. Ever since the Boston Tea Party, America has been a nation of coffee drinkers. But what about those of us who enjoy some green, black, or white tea? Well for us there’s the Teforia Leaf.

For the unfamiliar, the Teforia Leaf brews the perfect cup of tea with the touch of a single button. Much like a master tea brewer would, it draws out the flavors of each tea varietal while eliminating bitterness and astringency. If combined with Teforia’s Perfect Cup tea subscription service you’ll even receive loose leaf tea containers filled with high-quality and rare freshly harvested teas for a truly sublime drinking experience.

If all of that isn’t enough, perhaps the convenience of having a smartphone companion app might just help you understand just how forward facing this product is. The complementary app logs your tea drinking experiences and offers in-depth advice.

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Teforia Leaf Is The Gadget You Need For The Perfect Tea Brew
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