You know that drought which is happening in California? Sorry to be bleak but unfortunately that’s just a taste of humanities future brought to you by climate change. The truth is that we have to change the way we consume water now and fast. Luckily, technology may hold the answer to our wasteful overconsumption of H20. Meet Nebia, a new kind of shower head which atomizes water into millions of tiny droplets with 10 times the surface area of your regular shower. Nebia ensures that more water comes into contact with your body so that you can stay clean and hydrated while using up to 70% less water.


Nebia is one of those rare gadgets that will end up paying for itself over and over again. In fact, the folks at Nebia estimate that you’ll make up for the cost of investment in as little as two years.

Nebia sought crowdfunding and was able to raise over $3 million. Learn about how you can become part of the Nebia revolution by visiting their Kickstarter page linked at the bottom of this article.

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Technology Can Solve The Water Crisis And Nebia Proves It
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