Tattoo. The very word means widely different things to different people. For some, it’s a means of self expression and for the more judgmental amongst us they’re just a signal that someone just isn’t worth their time. Still, for certain amongst us they’re merely the means to a healthier — and better quantified — future.

Let us explain, a company named Chaotic Moon Studios has started working on stick-on tattoos that look a bit embossed against the skin, since they contain electronic components, including a micro-controller and LED lights. Dubbed “Tech Tats”, the goal of the product is to create a more permanent fitness tracker which will be able to detect if you’re stressed, monitor your body temperature, blood pressure and heart rate, and then transmit all of this information through their electro-conductive ink.


Another use for their technology is NFC. Imagine being able to pay with just a swipe of your tattoo’d hand instead of having to take out of your credit card or phone. Pretty neat, eh?

There’s no word on when their product will come to market but we can’t wait to show our beautifully functional future tats!

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Tech Tats May Be The Next Big Thing In Wearables
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