Ever since police departments started adopting tasers way back in the mid-aughts, TASER has been a leader in non-lethal weapon technology. That being said, the company never really got around to making a consumer-safe version that could be carried around by average joes across the nation. That all changed on Jan 19th when TASER announced TASER Pulse for private citizens.


The TASER Pulse is the first device to incorporate TASER’s eponymous state-of-the-art non-lethal technology into a sub-compact form factor. It’s perfect for those who live in dangerous neighborhoods or individuals who are worried about being mugged on their way to work. While some of the more hardcore features from the police variant have been removed, Pulse does still offer a targeting laser, high visibility flashlight, sloped iron sights, and a safety. Not to mention, thousands upon thousands of volts in stopping power.

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TASER Pulse Is A Must-Have For Personal Safety
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