Want to use 100% clean solar power but don’t want to invest in an expensive panel? SunPort, a new Kickstarter project has the solution for you. The company’s power adapter makes real solar energy accessible and affordable to you by “asking” individuals with solar panels to send you their excess energy. Confused? Think of SunPort as a smart solar demand/delivery device. It solar-charges anything you plug in by measuring the electricity you take from any wall outlet and automatically upgrading it to solar using certified solar credits. No panels required. Ever.


SunPort thinks that its method is the best way to quantify solar demand in cold hard numbers that can then be used to propel politicians and companies into action. The device itself comes in four bright colors (yellow, pink, blue, green) which will match any home’s decor or personality. Ready to join the solar revolution? Head on over to SunPort’s Kickstarter page and lend them your support today. Chances are that you’ll shave just a tiny bit off your energy bill once you receive your own SunPort.

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Tap Into The Solargrid Right Now With SunPort
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