UV blacklight is necessary for everyone not merely for survival but for hygiene purposes as well. You see, there is a lot of filthiness around us that are not visible to the naked eye just like urine and food stains. We may clean our dinguses alright, but more often than not, that cleaning is superficial.

However, when we think of UV blacklight, we think of the expensive versions the professionals use. Well, not anymore. TaoTronics is giving us the affordable model without compromising its performance.

And it’s not only for detecting invisible stains. It’s also made for checking counterfeit bills, IDs, passports, and others. It may also be used to easily recognize scorpions in the dark.

But as with any tools, this UV blacklight has some limitations. Some of these are not detecting stains on reflective surfaces, not detecting cat urine stains at all times, and not compatible with the new Benjamins.

Nevertheless, the multiple uses this flashlight has clearly outweigh its flaws. And more than 3000 people agree.


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TaoTronics UV Blacklight Flashlight
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