If you have seen James Bond or any other spy movies, you must have noticed the discreet way these spies communicate with their comrades.

Usually they have an earpiece in one of their ears and a mic attached to their lapel so that they can talk without being detected by their enemies. Now you can have a phone conversation in a similar way just by touching your ear, thanks to ORII.

ORII is a voice-powered smart ring that lets you make calls, set reminders, or send messages just by wearing it and then touching your ear.

How is that possible?

ORII uses bone conduction technology and Bluetooth that transforms the sound from your smartphone into vibrations. These then travel through your finger bone into the ear. This will allow you to hear and talk through your finger.

Other features include customizing the LED light and vibrations for notifications.

Excited to experience this spy-ish communication? Support this project now. Click on the link below.

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Talk on the Phone à la James Bond with ORII
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