Matcha green tea isn’t just good for you, it’s actually healthier than most teas and coffees. As an alternative to your regular cup o’ joe, this tea mix offers a comparable energy boost without any of the jitters. What’s more, it also delivers tons of antioxidants which will be sure to boost your metabolism.

While other brands of Matcha green tea exist, none are quite as convenient and tasty as PANATEA Instant Matcha. Made from premium powdered Japanese matcha green tea, these packets dissolve instantly in either hot or cold water, meaning that it’s perfect for those of us who live busy lives and don’t exactly have enough time to let leaves soak in water.

You can buy your own packets of PANATEA Instant Matcha via the link below. Pricing starts at $20 so you can enjoy this tasty, nutritious beverage without breaking the bank.

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Take Your Tea Game To The Next Level With PANATEA Instant Matcha
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