These are good times to live in if a big screen and a crystal clear picture are your desires. With the UC30 30-watt mini portable LED projector, you’ll get a solid, dependable display in the 16:9 ratio, boasting a contrast ratio of 600:1 and native resolution of 640 x 480. Yes, we know that isn’t quite the horsepower of your flatscreen at home, but with this, you can go a lot bigger and it’s small enough where travel is a breeze.

It has no built-in memory or storage, but it does take a support SD card up to 32GB, and it plays virtually every file format there is in the audio and video realms. Other perks include having all you need to hook up your computer or cable box with one VGA signal input, one HDMI, and one AV IN — all for just $95.

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Take Your Home Theater On The Road With The UC30 Portable LED Mini Projector
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