Tado° may be making waves by lowering your heating bill, but did you know that their tado° Cooling Intelligent AC control product can save you money on your cooling bill as well? The principle behind this smart AC control kit is that it’ll actually be smart enough to determine when the last person in your home has left and automatically turn itself off. It’ll also start cooling your home when you’re on the way back that way you can walk in the door and not feel like you’re in some kind of furnace.


The tado° Cooling Intelligent AC control also features a nifty room-to-room cooling system which allows it to intelligently cool down only the rooms you’re in at the time when you’re in them. This means that it’s able to save you money on your electricity bill by avoiding home-wide cooling. If you’re living in a year-long hot and humid place (we’re looking at you, Florida) then the tado° Cooling Intelligent AC control is for you. You can get your own for $149 on Tado°’s website.

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Tado° Cooling Intelligent AC Controller Is A Must-Have For Warm Weather
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