Tactus Technology isn’t satisfied with touchscreens and flat keyboards that come with tablets and smart phones.  The company feels that the sense of touch is crucial to how we navigate, that the fingers should sometimes lead the eyes.

Therefore, it applies its technology to causing little three-dimensional bubbles to appear on a screen or keyboard, making them more palpable to the fingertip.  The technology is powered by a thin polymer layer with, underneath something called micro-fluid.  Pressure applied to the fluid causes the bumps to rise.

The buttons come and go as needed, providing an experience that is not just cusotmized, but also responsive.

The product got a lot of favorable attention at the CES and may gain a lot of traction.  Not a lot of technologies give attention to the sense of touch, and doing so might be a nice…touch.

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Tactus Shapeshifting Tech Could Change The Face Of Your Tablet Forever
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