Here’s one that’s sure to please the Grill Master (or at least Dad for Father’s Day) in all of us: The Tactical Grilling Apron—because grillin’ is just that serious.

From the same folks (at Tactical Grilling Co) that introduced to the world the Tactical Sammich, Tactical Beer Sheath, and Tactical Spatula Sheath (sounds like a couple of fanatical ex-cooks for the army came up with this stuff) comes the Tactical Grilling Apron. It boasts a total of five “modular attachments” at the waist and near chest level—good for stashing any thing from beer and condiments to grenades and a Glock 19. Additionally, the Apron is totally interchangeable with masculine extras like additional pockets (err, modular attachments) and other ‘tactical’ gadgets.

And those who feel that the fine art of grilling out just isn’t American-enough can rest a little easier knowing that the Tactical Apron is made right here in the U.S.

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Tactical Grilling Apron
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