You learn from a very young age playing high school football that, for most of us, there are two types of legitimate weight workouts for the legs, and it’s darn near impossible to do both effectively. As a ball player in high school, my modus operandi was dead lift, but get me under a squat bar, and watch every player on the team rush to rescue me. Yes, friends, it pains me to say it, but squat was not my strong suit.

T Nation understands this, and with their Dead-Squat Bar, they are seeking to rectify the problem for ol’ chicken legs like myself. See, for me, the problem was that I was a tall guy. Starting from a grounded position and lifting up was a short journey. Having to go all the way down in a controlled fashion with the squat, however, was asking for trouble. The 60-pound T Nation Dead-Squat Bar claims to cover both body types so you’re dealing with two workouts in one. Great news for you younger guys, who still have the knees for it.

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T Nation Dead-Squat Bar
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