Combine the ever-craftiness of MacGyver with the brute ruggedness of Rambo and what d’ya get? The target demographic (we speculate) for “Survival Straps”.

Or perhaps they actually offer more everyday practicality? Decide for yourself.

Survival Straps are hand-made of military-spec paracord (paracord: Think ‘parachute’ and/or ‘paratrooper’ and, well, you get the idea) material and come in too-many-to-count color combos.  They’re also offered in several styles, including: Survival Bracelet, Survival Belt (with military-grade buckle and “double-D” rings for more flexibility in tightening/loosing than with conventional belt loops), and Survival key fobs and lanyards.

And, according to the manufacturer, if you break it (i.e. have one of those ‘MacGyver moments’) they’ll replace it less shipping costs, given your hand-written/typed version of the events that transpired and photographic evidence of said MacGyver moment.

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Survival Straps
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