Given that we’ve finally arrived in the future, it’s still a little disappointing that the whole “flying cars” thing hasn’t happened. Offered up as a substitute, though, is something your eight-year-old self could only have dreamed of: arcade games, not only in your house, but in your freaking coffee table.

We’re talking the classics here, the good old 80’s games that consumed your quarters and your youth in equal measures. Discreetly hidden away inside a mysterious dark glass table top and adorned with one of three finishes. They come with everything you need, like joysticks and speakers, and they use the MAME emulation system so you can grab a ROM of whatever game you want and go to town.

When non-nerd friends come over, they won’t even know it’s there. It’s just a stylish coffee table. But when your nerd friends come over, it’s go time baby.

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Surface Tension Arcade Tables
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