Bad news for those of us you who look at shopping for next year’s Christmas as visiting your neighbor’s apartment, kicking in the door, and loading up on all the goodies Santa left behind this year. Introducing the Sunnect Advanced Protection Digital Door Lock. It was only a matter of time before technology wised up to your shifty ways and developed a device that would make it damn near impossible to break in without getting caught. This durable door lock was developed to withstand kicking, punching, sawing, vandalism, and any other horrible thing you can think of.

It opens by way of digital tag keys that look kind of like flash drives. These are supposed to be impossible to duplicate, but we’re not completely sure. For every cool new product there is always some smart-ass out there waiting to uncoolify it just because he can. Nevertheless, we can definitely see how this would be a deterrent to the garden variety burglar. In case someone does manage to break it in, an intruder alarm goes off promising to ruin said burglar’s day. With this bad boy in place, it’s probably in your best interests to move along, Hood Rats.

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Sunnect Advanced Protection Digital Door Lock
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