Have you ever found yourself working on the car or out in the shop at night and wondered how much more work you could get accomplished if you could see well enough not to electrocute yourself or sever your hand at the wrist? Well, if you have, then you probably already know the name Striker. Their original light mine helped you redirect light in more flexible directions with such intensity that you were able to perform tasks without all the danger.

Now the Striker Light Mine Professional aims to go one better than its predecessor. With intensely bright white lights on the front and infrared night vision on the back, the Striker Light Mine Professional gives you 8 intense LEDs on the white side and another 4 on the red. The 11 Neodymium power magnets will allow the light stability as you roll it around like a baseball on whatever support surface you need. Shopwork no longer needs containment to banker’s hours. With Striker’s upgrade, it’s getting easier to set your own schedule.

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Striker Light Mine Professional
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