We’ve seen the likes of Coin and Plastc before. Smart programmable credit cards which seek to combine all of your accounts in order to make mobile payments easier and your wallet lighter. But never has a card had so many features and such beautiful design as Stratos. This card is just as thin as your credit card and contains a battery, bluetooth radio and even touch-sensing technology.


Stratos is simple to use. Up to three accounts can be loaded on the device at any time and you simply tap on the card twice to switch and then select the LED light which is assigned to the account you wish to use. You can actually store more accounts on your smartphone and then load them up onto Stratos for use when you want. There’s even a slot which can be used to load gift cards as well. Unlike its competition, Stratos is being sold as a membership starting at $95/year. The advantage of a membership model is that things like NFC, smarter recommendations based on location, and virtual card downloads could be coming to Stratos sooner rather than later.

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Stratos: One Smart Card To Rule Them All
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