If you’re a grand strategy gamer then you probably own Europa Universalis IV. Paradox Interactive’s epic strategy game spans literally hundreds of years of human history and is widely considered to be the greatest game in its genre. Now the best has gotten better as Paradox has released a new expansion DLC titled Common Sense which improves on the EUIV’s core gameplay.

europa universalis

A large part of the expansion focuses on religion. There are new mechanics for Protestants and Buddhists which serve to deepen both the game’s mechanics and flavor. There are also two new religions which were not in the game previously (one of which is Zoroastrianism). Another religious aspect which has been tweaked has to do with theocracies requiring “devotion”  in order to reach a maximum amount of prestige, influence, and tax income. Theocracies can also choose their successors based on 6 different alternatives, such as an influential preacher or noble’s son.

There’s much more to the game than religious tweaks, though. Common Sense features new cities in the Holy Roman Empire, Parliamentary rule for constitutional republics and monarchies, new subject interactions, and government ranks. Wow! That’s quite a list if we say so ourselves. As a gamer, you won’t want to pass up on such a fun (and thorough) game expansion.

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