The StormFly Portable PC may look like a suped up flash drive, but it’s a heck of a lot more than that. It fits around your wrist. Simply unhook it and plug in, and watch it turn in to your very own computer that utilizes an open-source operating system that can play on a Mac, PC, you name it, without even booting up the host hardware.

That means your viruses are your viruses (and theirs are theirs). No one can accuse you of infecting their machine, and should you ever lose your device, you can simply notify StormFly, and they’ll send you another with a nifty sync feature that restores all your programming. Considering that for what flash drives used to cost, you could have a computer that adapts to any machine while being small enough to wear, we can’t see any argument against this neat little gadget.

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StormFly Portable PC
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