Let’s get real for a second: you aren’t very clean when you go to bed. Even if you’re the type of person who absolutely has to shower before resting their head on their pillow, chances are you’re sweating (especially in these months) or worse — drooling — on your pillow. No matter what your favorite bodily fluid to excrete onto your bedding, you need to get yourself some Silvon if you even have one iota of concern over resting your face on bacteria-laced pillows and sheets.


Powered by pure natural silver – the Silvon Pillowcase and Sheets permanently prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria. Silver, for those of you who aren’t aware, has numerous anti-microbial properties that make it perfect for nighttime wear. Once you start using Silvon you’ll wonder how you managed to sleep on your own cruft for all of those years! Trust us, this is one project that you’ll need to support.

Make sure you check out the project via the link below. Silvon can be yours for just $35.

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Stop Drool & Sweat-Loving Bacteria With Silvon Pillows And Sheets
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