Are you an iPhone owner? If so then you’ve probably had to through out more than one cable due to the inevitable cable fraying that occurs on first party cables. While you may be tempted to just “go cheap” in light of a misleading revelation which makes you think that these cables are meant to be disposable, the truth of the matter is that you should go big or go home by getting yourself an Armour Charge Steel iOS Charging Cable.


Unlike those other knockoff cables, the Armour Charge Steel iOS Charging Cable is MFi-certified and made up out of 100% stainless steel-woven cable. Not durable enough for your heavy duty usage? You’re wrong. With detailed aluminum housings alongside the aforementioned stainless steel cabling, it’s simply the most fray-resistant cable on the market right now. Period.

If you’re ready to stop shelling out all that money on lightning cables then make sure you check out the inStash link below where you can take advantage of a limited promotion on the retail sale price of Armour Charge Steel cables.

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Stop Cable Fraying With The Armour Charge Steel iOS Charging Cable
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