We might be in the middle of autumn, but warm weather woes are being felt all across the country. Since summer has decided to cross over into October, maybe you should consider buying your own air conditioning neck unit that’ll keep you cool as you walk around town. Once you strap on your own N2 – Portable Air Conditioning unit, the first thing you’ll notice is just how comfortable it is. The next thing you’ll notice is just how cool you feel, even in the midst of sweltering heat. It’s like your own personal bubble of cool air!


Concerned that N2 might not be useful in a couple of months? Relax. It also doubles as a heater, meaning that you’ll never feel cold again. Furthermore, N2 also boasts the capability of being a “personal space generator” meaning that you’ll be able to:

•hands free phone calls

•stream live music, radio, and podcast

•Use it as a speaker source for watching your favorite YouTube videos

•Get GPS access directions while riding your bike

N2 truly is a wonderful product that requires your support. Make sure you check out the link below so you can help it become a reality.

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Stay Cool Or Toasty With The N2 Portable Air Conditioning Unit
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