Want to start the New Year off right? How about getting cozy with a new sport? (New to you, not new new.) For this, we recommend Rugby League Live 2: Gold Edition. Home Entertainment Suppliers Pty Ltd is the team behind it. While there have been other rugby games for iOS since the dawn of the iPhone and iPad, none come close to the sheer diversity, realism, and excitement that this one offers.

What makes it different? Well, instead of giving you eight or 10 or 20 teams, you get several leagues and 100 teams with full authority to edit the players to your liking. Game-play is similar to Madden and will have you cleared up on the rules and regs of the game in a hurry. The only caveats: it costs $8.99 and takes up about 800MB of storage space on the iPad Air. Thankfully, they don’t nickel-and-dime you with in-app purchases, so it’s all good!

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Start The New Year Getting Your Rugby On
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