It’s funny that the older I get the more I cherish the original Star Wars films and hate the prequels. When creator George Lucas sold to Disney in 2012, I felt like I was getting an old friend back. Now with the latest movie slated for the holiday season of 2015, we’re starting to see a boost in Star Wars-related activity. Predating that sale, however, these Star Wars Moleskine Notebooks continue to be a bright spot in recent SW lore.

Moleskine, the heir of the legendary notebooks used by avant gard artists and thinkers of the past two centuries, often plays with different genres and icons of pop culture. The Moleskine Star Wars limited edition notebook collection was the company’s collaboration with Lucasfilm. Now that Lucasfilm is a Disney joint, it’ll be interesting to see if third party licenses like this one continue to be available.

We hope so because these are beauties that are available in both pocket and large sizes, with plain and ruled layouts. Each book in the collection features signature Moleskine black covers with either the familiar image of the jump into hyperspace of the Millennium Falcon, or the famous Star Wars title scroll, with letters seen floating in space in foreshortening perspective.

The paper band and inside cover reproduce famous scenes from the saga.

Plus, each Star Wars limited edition notebook comes with a reproduction of the original Hildebrandt Star Wars art, tucked into the Moleskine inner pocket. The illustration was created by the Brothers Hildebrandt.

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Moleskine Notebooks For The Star Wars Fan
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