Okay, Star Wars fans, the moment we’re sure you’ve all been waiting for. No, we’re not talking about Episode VII or that newly announced Yoda movie. No, we’re talking about the Chewbacca Hoodie, reversible so it’s like two wookies in one. The only complaint we have been hearing about this galaxy spanning awesomeness is that the sizes are a little off. Yours truly is about 6’2″ and weighs 219. Typically I wear a large and flirt with XL, but for this, XXL would be my best bet, so you may want to ask before buying. Also, you’ll have a lot of people growling at you because they think they’re being funny.

Other than that, rave reviews, and we can see why. You look just like Chewie without the beast-like head, nor the even more disturbing Peter Mayhew face underneath. One hood is fleece while the other is a costume material. The rest is 100% polyester.

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Star Wars Chewbacca Hoodie
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