Well, friends, the Star Wars Legends are over, and the New Era — the post-Lucas Era — is about to begin. With John Jackson Miller (Kenobi) at the helm, get ready to dig in to the first authorized story of the Disney Star Wars Universe. That’s right. A new book unleashes today, and this time it counts. (They really mean it.)

Entitled Star Wars: A New Dawn, it’s now available in print and ePrint (Kindle and Kindle-like devices, that is).  You’ll get a new villain to sink your teeth in to with Count Vidian as well as a new batch of heroes in Kanan and Ezra. We’d rail on and try to ruin all the fun for you, but why bother? Hop on over to Amazon and pick up a copy for yourself. And may the Force be with you! Kindle version is $12; hardcover is $18.

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Star Wars: A New Dawn Now In Stores!
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