Pizza. Summer. The two words on their own make us tingle with anticipation. You know the only thing that we love than warm weather and Italian food fare? Both of them together. That’s where the Stadler Outdoor Pizza Oven comes in. Simply constructed yet highly versatile, this oven will make an outstanding addition to any outdoor patio. Built with 3mm cortex steel sheets, a type of steel alloy that’s designed to resist the elements over time, it has top opening that holds two food-safe cordierite baking stones.


In order to use the oven, you’d simply start a fire in the lower box, and then place your food on the stone. Since you have outstanding control of the size of your fire, the smaller fires let you bake bread, fish, meat, and vegetables while larger fires will let you cook pizzas in five minutes flat thanks to a maximum temperature of 750º F.

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Stadler Outdoor Pizza Oven Will Bake Delicious Pies In 5 Minutes Flat
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