Meet Atomic, the smartest smart watch we’ve ever seen. Atomic is actually only a smart watch because it’s wrist-mounted, otherwise we’d be calling it a very small smart phone. In order to use Atomic to its full capabilities, you’ll need to insert a SIM card. Once you do so, you’ll actually be able to make and receive calls, text, and surf without even having to pair it to a smart phone. Crazy huh? As you’d expect with a SIM-equipped devie, Atomic is able to stay connected by using WAP, EDGE, GPRS, GPS (for Maps and health tracking), 3G, and 3.5G in addition to standard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. That means you’ll be hard pressed to be “offline” while using the device.


Atomic runs full Android 4.2 and is not an Android Wear device, unlike something like the Moto 360. That means that it can actually run apps directly from the Google Play store. It also features 4GB of storage, a microphone and speaker for voice commands or phone calls, and over 512MB of RAM. Are you ready to experience the capabilities of a fully equipped “super” smart watch? Stay ahead of the curve with Spur Atomic.


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Spur Atomic Is A Smartphone Rolled Into An Awesome Smart Watch
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