Star Wars fans and haters alike probably have one thing in common: they’d all kill to have the same powers as Jedi Knights. After all who wouldn’t like to have mind powers, manipulate invisible energies, and be an all powerful wizard? While we still don’t know how to awaken midichlorians just yet, there is a way to get the feeling of having force abilities.

All you need is to invest in your very own Force Band by Sphero and you’ll be able to control your very own BB-8 mini-droid using telekinesis-like abilities. The Sphero Force Band supports three distinct gestures: push, pull, and stop. If you’d like to control other gadgets, Sphero has also included IFTTT-compatibility so you can control literally anything else that’s IFTTT compatible as well.

While there won’t be any way to remotely start and drive your car with your Force Band, maybe there will be when an IFTTT-enabled car hits the market.

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Sphero's Force Band Allows You To Control Your Own BB-8 & IFTTT-Enabled Gadgets
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