Our first reaction upon seeing this device, being clueless to the ways of the espresso, was, “What the hell is this?” The stainless steel contraption with the 50’s-esque Speedster logo in bold yellow and red on the side of the machine makes one conjure up pleasant thoughts of Happy Days and the Saw movies. Nevertheless, the Speedster Espresso Machine is an interesting piece of work. Possessing a fully developed double boiler system, this is one espresso maker that will have you bouncing off the walls before you know what to do with yourself.

One of the best aspects of the Speedster Espresso Machine is that it appears super-easy to clean. At $6,640 , you’re probably thinking, “This thing better be able to do taxes, check email, and download porn,” but such is the nature of the espresso machine, and in reality, Speedster has delivered a sleek, competitive, and classy entry for the marketplace that can sling out espresso with reckless abandon.

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Speedster Espresso Machine
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