We hear ya. Living in this generation where commercial spaces are expanding horizontally while residential areas are growing vertically poses a challenge to our furniture. We can no longer enjoy the spacious couches we had back at our parents’ houses.

So here we are presenting you five space saving ideas for your spatially challenged homes highly recommended by a number of satisfied users.

5 Space Saving Ideas

Rev-a-shelf pull-out basket organizer

We all have that blind corner cabinet that we hardly ever use because 1) it’s too small and 2) items inside are hard to reach.

Make use of that space and add a little bit more items it can originally accommodate with the Rev-a-shelf pull-out organizer. It fits most 45-inch cabinets with 15-inch openings.

The 2-tiered unit is made of sturdy materials that can hold up to 60 lbs. of weight. It also has a ball-bearing system that makes sliding in and out of the cabinet a breeze and may be installed using either right or left handed application.

What makes this better than other similar items is that it has proper ventilation for your objects. Unlike others whose bottom racks are usually covered, Rev-a-shelf gives you breathable spaces. It means whatever item you put in it won’t get that closet smell.


 Waitui Hydro Hammock Bundle

No space for a bath tub? No worries. Waitui is your new bath buddy. This Hydro Hammock is literally just a hammock, but one where you can relax and bathe at the same time.

It’s made of durable materials that can carry up to 750 lbs. of weight yet lightweight at the same time so you can take it and attache it anywhere around your house.

The bundle comes with a water heater which also doubles as a portable shower system complete with shower head and hose. It’s a propane water heater system with a rechargeable battery that promises to keep your water hot for hours.

The hammock weighs 16 lbs. and measures 24 x 8 x 18 inches. It includes steadicorner, spreader tubes, anchor bridal, and carabiners.

The heater, on the other hand, weighs 66 lbs. and measures 35 x 24 x 18 inches.

You also purchase either separately.

It may be a weird idea having a hanging bath tub, but as the wise 9gagger says, “If it works, it ain’t stupid.”


 Coaster Bed and Bookcase

If reading before bedtime is you, then you have found your bedroom soulmate. This queen size bed has a bookcase right above its headrest plus a couple more drawers on all sides of the bottom of the bed and some underneath the mattress. Talk about extra storage space!

But even if you don’t love reading, the extra storage spaces will serve whatever purpose you want it to have.

When assembled, the bed is about 56 inches high. So if you are feeling some pain in your knees, this may not be the bed for you as this may require you to hop a little each time.

Also, note that this bed is made of solid wood veneers, so expect it to be heavy like almost 400 lbs. heavy. But with all the comfort it can give and the space you can save, that’s no biggie.



As the old saying goes, “If you’re looking for something, look under the couch.” OK. That’s not really a saying, but we know how many dollar bills, receipts, and whatnots we have found under, behind, and even inside our favourite living room seat.

Safety and Security has stepped up this principle a bit by adding a real bunker underneath a couch. But instead of random items that accidentally gets hidden, the bunker is meant to protect your precious belongings without occupying extra space in your room and keeping it hidden from a burglar’s eyes.

What you get is a normal-looking couch but with removable seats. Once these are removed, you’ll see the vault, which may be opened with Mul-T-Lock keys.

The vault can hold up to 30 rifles plus other small items in case you’re wondering.

Couch and vault weighs about 900 lbs.


Flip-Around TV Mount

Art or entertainment? Why not both?

For those of us who want to display an art piece and watch our favourite shows but only has one wall available for both will find this handy.

This wall mount lets you display your favourite painting on one side and a 40- to 43-inch TV on the other. And switching sides is as easy as flipping it around (hence, the name).

This wall mount is also a perfect way to conceal your most prized belonging so far because thieves don’t steal artworks, right? Unless your house is the Louvre, of course.

This mount measures 48.6 x 3.5 x 26.7 inches and weighs 44 lbs.



Saving space is of paramount importance to us small apartment dwellers. But that doesn’t always mean we should give up furniture and other items that we like.

Sometimes, all we need is a creative mind, innovative ideas, and (semi-whole lot of) money.

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5 Space Saving Ideas for Small Apartments
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