Every musician needs a beat so they can play to a regular pulse, practice timing, and stick to a tempo. This is where metronome comes in. Traditionally, a metronome is a device that produces audible beats at regular intervals. But in a noisy place, hearing the beats may be a challenge.

Good guy Soundbrenner then created this device called the Soundbrenner Pulse that looks like a watch at first glance but is actually a metronome that uses vibrations instead of sound. (Vibrations provide a more accurate feedback compared to an audible sound.)

To use, simply touch the screen three times then tap in the tempo. The device should follow the tempo you created. To adjust the beat, simply twist the outer wheel. You may also save various rhythms for each song and use the same wheel to pick one from your setlist.

Sounbrenner Pulse may be worn placed where you can get the most accurate haptic feedback and claims to have 7x more powerful vibrations than smartphones. And John “JR” Robinson agrees.

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Soundbrenner Pulse: The Wearable Metronome
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