Sony just announced its own Google Glass competitor and its compatible with any piece of eyewear. The Single-Lens Display Module, as its currently being called internally, will project a small window into the lens of your glasses without obstructing your field of vision.


The key differentiator between the Single-Lens Display Module and Google Glass is that Sony’s product will be easily detachable so you don’t come across looking like a Glasshole if a situation where wearing smart glasses is inappropriate. Sony’s Single-Lens Display Module is also meant to be smaller and lighter than Google Glass, so storing it in your pocket won’t be such a big deal.

Sony is looking to start production of its new smart eyewear sometime in 2015 with a possible launch somewhere in Q4 2015. Sony aims to make the Single-Lens Display Module available in a wide range of outlets so there’s a strong chance that you’ll be seeing one near you by this time next year.

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Sony's Google Glass Competitor Will Be A Game Changer
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