The Xbox One Hotel will be open for business all November long in the City of Lights. Microsoft launched this little number in Paris, France in response to PlayStation’s Apartment 4.

Apartment 4 invited gamers, bloggers, and professionals looking for a sneak peek at the game-play side to experience a sneak-preview of PS4 games in October. A bit more on that here:

Not to be outdone, Microsoft figured, “What’s better than an apartment? An entire hotel, that’s what!”

Gamers at the Xbox One Hotel will be able to jump in to a sizable selection of the console’s existing titles. But that’s only the beginning. Guests will have access to keys, cocktails, and ambience that pays tribute to the company’s release. A single night’s stay will set one back a single Benjamin.

(And if you’re in the US, the entire round trip cost of a plane ticket, car rental arrangements, gasoline, and the obligatory souvenir. Oy…)

The French Xbox account released a number of savory photos showing exactly what you can expect, but some gaming enthusiasts haven’t forgiven the company for its (now legendary) E3 missteps.

Commenters from the Kotaku website (which first reported on this story) continued to attack Microsoft’s constant Wi-Fi connectivity clause as well as their initial unwillingness to allow backwards compatibility and the playing of used games.

One of our favorites came from chamoo232: “I heard they were thinking of having all the lights and electronics being controlled by the wi-fi but people didn’t like having total blackout if the internet disconnected so they scrapped that idea.”

Still another attacked cost: “Explains why they won Paris Game Week, considering all the money they’re funneling into the city. … So much money in hotels, and giveaway units, all of which could have gone into making the system more affordable to its customers instead of charging $100 more than its competition [PS4] is.”

Our take: it may take more than a cool hotel stay to erase Microsoft’s sins of the past year, but we’d be willing to give it a try.

Here are some pics:

xbox one hotel 6 xbox one hotel 5 xbox one hotel 4 xbox one hotel 3 xbox one hotel 2 xbox one hotel 1

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