You’ve got to hand it to Sony — it’s a company that’s really forward thinking in relation to its competitors. For example, did you know that Sony was first to market with an e-Book reader? It’s true! In many ways the Amazon Kindle which we all know and love today is just a me-too Sony E-Paper Reader.

Now that you know the history of E-Paper devices, you can probably see why we’re so excited for the new Sony E-Paper Tablet. Designed to replace folders full of printed PDF documents, this device has a screen size of 13.3” and a total resolution of 1650 x 2200 — much higher than any of the Kindles which Amazon has put out. Ever.

As if all of these specs haven’t been enough to convince you to get yourself the new Sony E-Paper Tablet, perhaps knowing that the screen is “non-slip” and feels like actual paper to the touch, might. Or how about the fact that it includes a digital pen that actually *feels* like writing when you use it on the paper’s surface? Now that’s innovation. Find out more below.

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Sony Reinvents The Notebook With Its New 'Digital Paper' Tablet/e-Reader
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