Remember those neat-o “virtual reality” (VR) headsets of the ’90’s that were suppose to be the ‘wave of the future’? Well, turns out—they went the way of Atari and Sega. Sony hasn’t given up on the idea, though!

The Sony ‘Personal 3D Viewer’—nomenclature-ized the HMZ-T1—is a ‘Head-Mounted Display’ (HMD) that sports a compact 3D/HD-capable, OLED display screen for-your-eyes-only. The wearer can soak in HD or HD AND 3D (far out, dude!) movies or play video games in glorious 720p resolution.

If that’s not enough, additional features such as the slick, visor-like design and three-dimensional virtual surround sound feature should certainly satisfy all but the most hardcore audio/video-philes.

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Sony Personal 3D Viewer
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