What’s Sonos’ logic for entering creating the Playbase Speaker? Well if you ask them, they’ll probably point to the fact that up to 70% of people don’t actually wall-mount their TVs. The company’s new Playbase Speaker is designed for those people — the majority of folks, after all. Standing roughly 2.3-inches, over two feet wide, and over a foot deep, it’s actually able to support TVs with a maximum weight of 77lbs. Furthermore, it can fit underneath most TVs with stands on either end meaning that it’s a perfect solution for most people who want to get the most out of a home theatre setup.

In addition to using its six mid-range, woofer, and three tweeters to make the most out of your TV or film experience, it can also work as a streaming music player — just like other Songs products. The speaker is available in your choice of black or white and you can order your own unit via the link below.

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Sonos' Playbase Speaker's Six Woofers & Tweeters Pump Out Sublime Sound
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