The Swedish company, Solros, is on the pursuit to utilize and concentrate sunshine for lighting purposes. It is composed of well-trained and highly talented designers, developers, and engineers with a common goal of creating and providing products that promote a sustainable future. The Solros Real Light is a system that comprises a distinctive sun-concentrated mirror dish that reproduces sunshine onto a parcel of fiber optics in a cable. The cable distributes the sunshine into any dark spaces, either to the Solrox lightbox or various luminaries to be placed freely.

The Solros Real Light includes 3 primary parts - the dish, cable, and lightbox. The dish is designed with a stainless steel mirror to be placed on the balcony, roof, or any other place that's constantly exposed to sunshine. The cable is a bundle of 37 fiber optics that offers significant light for up to 20 meters (plastic) and more. However, if you want a wider coverage, you can always opt for the glass fiber, which delivers sufficient light at 100 meters and more. As for the Lightbox, it is an ambitiously and discreetly designed sunlight distributor that's mounted in your ceilings. You can place it in usual place that needs daylight or you can mount it in light shafts.

The Solros Real Light works efficiently and proficiently. The dish automatically follows the sun and collects the sunbeams into the fiber optic cable. There are various kinds of fibers - glass and plastic fibers, as mentioned above. Once the sunbeams travel into the cable, it is then distributed to the Lightbox, light shafts, and other light luminaires. When the sun goes down Solros Real Light will go to its resting position and sleep, meaning it will use almost no power. Hence, it's more efficient, affordable, and long-lasting.

In installing the Solros Real Light, you will need to have some basic skills in how to install a cable in your house or apartment. There is information available in the manual guides or you can find someone to help or assist you with the installation.


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Solros Real Light: A Light that Concentrates Sunshine
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