Solid Concepts is an innovative Austin, Texas, company that prides itself on being one of the few of its kind that carry federal firearms licenses. This has enabled them to experiment with the technology in the field of handguns. While early efforts from the company — and people in general — have been far from perfect, the company has finally rolled out a 1911 pistol that is pretty much indistinguishable from a routinely crafted weapon.

They have fired it more than 50 times, and have yet to see any noticeable damage. This proves that the technology is feasible in the field of complex weapons systems, and as someone who enjoys a good day at the firing range, I rejoice! As someone who likes affordability and small learning curves, well, that’s another story. The company has cautioned that the printing technologies needed for this type of creation are too expensive, and even if you could afford one, you’re not going to figure out how they’ve gotten to this point by just tinkering. You’ll need an education, in other words. Watch it in action below.

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Solid Concepts Is At It Again: Their New Metal 3D Printed Gun
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