The word is still out on whether installing solar panels is worth it. Sure, you’ll save money in the very long term — but some districts out there are actually levying taxes in order to make the total cost of ownership much less attractive. That and the fact that they’re hella expensive means that it’s somewhat difficult to gauge whether it’s worth the trouble to save the planet, right? Wrong.

You see, the SolarGaps Solar Panel Window Blinds exist. Much ‘smarter’ and cheaper than your average solar panels, these blinds track the sun and adjust position throughout the day to optimal angle to generate solar electricity. Once put in place, all you’d have to do is plug them in, and the SolarGaps Solar Panel Window Blinds will begin to power devices throughout your home. Heck, they even connect to your smartphone in order to provide you with numerous reports reports while allowing you to reduce your energy bill by up to 70%. Find out more below.

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Solar Panels Too Expensive? The SolarGaps Solar Panel Window Blinds Are For You
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