How heavy is your toolbox? If your answer is “too heavy to pick up with one hand” then it’s time to look into purchasing your very own SOG Baton Multi-Tools. Ideal for the times when you have to open bottles, cut open boxes, jot things down, fix a leaky pipe, or tighten something, this Multi-Tool will get the job done. Every time.

You see, while the SOG Baton Multi-Tool is perfect for the use cases we expounded upon earlier, it’s also available in four different models so there’s bound to be a Multi-Tool load out which is perfect for your needs. What’s more, these extremely durable tools all fold up to a stick-like form that measures roughly six inches in length for easy storage.


This isn’t your daddy’s multi-tool and it’s easy to see why. Make sure you check out SOG’s site today and they can be yours for as little as $54. That’s quite the steal when you consider just how much functionality you’ll be getting!

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SOG Baton Multi-Tools Will Eliminate The Need For A Toolbox
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