The Snow Peak Iron Grill Table Slim has removable panels that can be replaced with various fixtures and equipment. Camping tables are always designed to have an overall built, including its function and looks, that's not suited for indoor use.  This is not the case when it comes to this camping table.

The Snow Peak Iron Grill Table Slim is a folding table which has an overall built that's perfect for your home and the outdoors. It combines a wooden tabletop with slim metal frame to create a piece of furniture that gives off a rugged and elegant vibe. Whether you're using this camping table for a backcountry party or outdoor camping, it will look nicer wherever you place it. This iron grill table slim can even serve as a perfect coffee table in your living room or garden furniture in your backyard.

The table top is made of 6 wooden panels which can be replaced or removed with an IGT insert accessory. The Snow Peak Iron Grill Table Slim has 14 various inserts available such as 2 types of bamboo work tops, single-unit tray, half-unit tray, stove join, double-unit storage box, single-unit storage box, double grill, single grill, griddle, double burner stove, and a single burner stove.

The Snow Peak Iron Grill Table Slim structure is made of natural teak of wood and stainless steel frame. It comes with a bundled storage case for convenience and portability. It weighs approximately 7.4 kg with top plate and 4.8 kg if frame only with dimensions measuring 37 in (W) x 16 in (H) x 16 in (D). The entire package includes the storage case, 6 wood panels, and stainless steel frame.

Additionally, the Snow Peak Iron Grill Table Slim has collapsible legs that make the IGT Slim incredibly compact. It also has a sitting height that pairs with low beach chairs.

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Snow Peak Iron Grill Table Slim
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