For millions of Americans, sleep can be a fickle thing. Luckily for those of us who suffer with chronic or occasional insomnia, there’s the Snooz White Noise Machine. Equipped with a hidden fan inside of its frame, it creates the sound of moving air naturally — not electronically. This allows for a more realistic sounding noise that sounds ‘warmer’ and is more likely to put you to sleep. The most impressive thing about the Snooz White Noise Machine is that its noise can be adjusted to sound like anything from the light spinning of a table fan to the deep hum of an airplane.

As with most gadgets in 2017, it can connect to a smartphone companion app which allows you to set the volume or schedule automatic on/off times straight from your phone. Physically, the Snooze White Noise Machine is just 2.5″ tall, so it can be packed with you wherever and whenever you’d like. Available in two colors so it matches with most decorations.

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Snooz White Noise Machine Will Make You Dream Electric
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