We’re big fans of the Nintendo Switch here at inStash. That being said, one has to admit that their gamepad leaves something to be desired. You know what controller was pretty good, though? The SNES controller. The folks at 8Bitdo seem to have realized just how far Nintendo’s controllers have fallen and have corrected this by releasing a new SNES gamepad with analog sticks which work perfectly with Nintendo’s newest console.


Dubbed the ‘SNES30 Pro’, this gamepad is basically a SNES controller with analog sticks and a bit of extra depth. The additional thickness makes room for a second row of shoulder buttons. The controller also includes a USB-C plug, rumble, and some form of motion controls.

If you’d like to find out more about this gamepad and how it can work with your current setup then make sure that you check out the official 8Bitdo link below.

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SNES30 Pro Brings The SNES Controller To The Nintendo Switch; Includes Analog Sticks
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