Watch out for that guy, he’s got a blinkin’ finger.

Be a Bond villain with this deadly, stylish, and ultra-functional accessory, a ring that manages your smartphone.

Say your phone is in your Bag of Death and a call comes in.  With the Smarty Ring, you reach over with one index finger, press a button on your ring, and reject the call.  How much more opulent does human life get than pressing a button…on a ring?  (We know you can accept or reject the call with the ring somehow–the product page is as clean and minimal as the ring.)  You can control your music and other phone functions with a Bluetooth connection to your Android or iOS device.

The idea is to not have to check the phone itself but to receive kingly notifications from your knuckle. It even comes with a charger–hold on, I have to charge my ring.  If you made it this far down the page without ordering one, there’s still time!

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Smarty Ring
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