Psst…want to know what the next big trend in wearable technology is? You might not realize it but it’s actually ring-based fitness trackers. The reason? Fitness watches are too cumbersome and far from being comfortable. Few of us can actually stand having a smartwatch on our wrists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Motiv Activity Tracking Ring is different. Since it’s a ring, you can reasonably expect to wear it during most of the day without taking it off. That means that you’ll get more data on your day-to-day activities with precision accuracy.

The Motiv Activity Tracking Ring is waterproof and contains three sensors inside that can keep tabs on your heart rates, calories burned, active minutes, sleep duration, distance, and steps. It’s available with an optional keychain and desk charger, which permit you to carry it in your pocket and charge it at your desk, respectively. More below.

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Smartwatches Are Obsolete Now That The Motiv Activity Tracking Ring Is Here
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