We ‘Muricans aren’t too used to the whole Kettle thing. We’re much more likely to just put a mug in the microwave to get boiling water for the few times when we actually sit down and have a cup of tea. In the rest of the world however, using a Kettle remains the preferred method. Problem is, using a Kettle can be a very wasteful experience. Kettles are often an example of ‘suggestive design’ and most people don’t think twice about filling them up to the brim to just get one cup’s worth of tea.


Enter Miito, the ‘un-kettle’ which is hoping to change the way the world boils water. Using Miito feels almost like using some kind of futuristic device, but it’s actually a very simple concept. It’s basically made up of an induction heating plate base, where you place whatever vessel of liquid you want to heat, and a metal heating rod that you stand inside the cup or pot to heat the water. Since Miito is transparent, you can actually tell when the water is boiling and have a more exact control of temperature.

Miito is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. Be sure to lend it your support if you think the process of boiling water could use an overhaul.

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Smart Phone? Smart Watch? Smart Kettle?! Yep, Meet Miito.
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