Is the iPod Nano watch just a little too much for you? I mean, it’s an MP3 player that you have to buy a separate watch band for in order to convert it into something wearable. Why not just get a touchscreen device originally designed to be a watch in the first place?

The Slyde HD3 takes the shape of a basic watch and tosses in a touchable LED screen, calendar, photo viewer, titanium body that’s water-resistant up to 30 meters, sapphire crystal faceplate and somewhere in there is an actual timepiece. Actually, you’ll be able to swap out different watch dials in case you get bored with the standard analog and digital faces. For example, one theme takes on the guise of a combination lock, each hour, minute and second representing a number in the combination dial.

Expect to drop some serious cheddar on extra dials (between $50-$100), but something tells us that if those are the prices for the dials, the watch has to be hella expensive.

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Slyde HD3 | Touchscreen Watch
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