External battery packs can be lifesavers, but why is it that they’re so bulky when they’re clearly meant to be used “on the go”? if you’ve ever wondered this to yourself there may just be a device charger just for you. Meet Slimger, the slimmest mobile device charger on the market right now. Featuring a 1400 mAh battery, Slimger can actually provide you with a precious 5 hours of talk time and 4 hours of 3G internet access. Just how thin is Slimger? It’s actually just slightly thicker than two credit cards and will fit perfectly in your wallet.


Unlike other battery packs, Slimger is also compatible with both iOS (iPhone 5 and up) and Android devices. It’s also available in beige, silver, pink, blue and white. Slimger has proven to be a smash success on Indiegogo so far raising over 618% of its goal. It costs only $31 for a single Slimger and the device will be shipping later on this year.


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Slimger Is The Slimmest External Smartphone Battery Pack We've Ever Seen
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